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Danny Fruchter

Danny Fruchter was born in the year 1943. When done with his army service, he started his two-years study of diamond cleaving  while  holding at the same time a job in the first Diamond Exchange at “Achuzat Bayit” street in Tel-Aviv. 

In the year 1967 he moved his occupation to the Ramat-Gan Diamond Exchange. 
This occupation mainly consisted of rough material commerce. His ability to buy quickly and think swiftly made him the reputation of a professional and able trader, known also for his credibility.

The year 1983 saw a diversion in his business: he moved his activities to the city of Antwerp. There he assisted many Israeli manufacturers starting their way in the business and by his help and support they achieved their future success.

His relationship with the Indian clients was exceptionally good and typified by mutual respect. The Indians queued to purchase from his good and dependable hand.

Danny Fruchter was a label in the Diamond industry and owned a site in De-Beers.  Many will memorize his special way of doing business, his kindness and sensitivity, his colorful character and his love and contribution to the Diamond industry.

Danny had a warm heart for art too and collected paintings. For years he has been the patron and provider of anonymous artists. Through this activity he wished to leave his mark and indeed, the famous lithograph of his painting can be seen at about 300 sites around the globe. The painting itself is proudly presented in the Antwerp Diamond Exchange. He was attracted to watches too and saw to it that many a diamond merchant will have one from his collection.

We shall always cherish his memory.



Danny in a wedding of his client and friend in India.


Dany  with Mr. Shimon Peres, former vice Prime Minister of Israel

Danny with Mr. Francois.

Danny  with the Prince of  Belgium in a formal event

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